Exercise And Weight Loss Myths – Part 1


Weight loss and exercise can be confusing subjects. This article will help dispel commonly held misbeliefs regarding exercise and weight loss.

Are you aware of these often repeated falsehoods? Read ahead and test your knowledge!

Exercise sessions must be long duration.

Among the top misconceptions is that a workout only has proper effects if it is a long, hard one. The reason this myth is difficult to debunk is that it isn’t entirely false.

A lengthy session of exercise will have a greater effect than a short one, but what about other ways of doing it, like a whole bunch of smaller sessions? Will those have a proper effect? There are honestly countless ways to distribute your time for fitness, and you should be happy to know that exercise can start to give you benefits no matter how long it lasts.

Even a few minutes of exercise will have a positive effect (although spending such a short time is on it naturally not recommended). The key to making exercise work is repetition. Make sure you adhere to your daily schedule; studies show that even 20 minute sessions have great effects if repeated every day.Continue-Reading