Be Pretty All the Time


If you’re a business girl, the ideal time for your beauty work is probably at bedtime when all the demands of the evening are over and you can bathe and primp to your heart’s content.

Some girls, of course, are perfectly willing to go to bed dappled with face cream and spiked with curling pins, all in the cause of beauty. But there is no need for that. If you put your mind to it, you can keep your skin, hair, and hands in apple-pie order for day-time AND look fetching while you sleep as well.

Take a nightly bath as your prelude to grooming and to sound, restful sleep. Bathing is the very basis of beauty. It washes away the grubbiness, floats away the kinks, sets the mood for relaxation.

With warm water, soap, sponge, and bath brush, lather up all over, from that sometimes neglected neck right down to the toes. Elbows and knees should be scrubbed, legs and arms and back soaped, underarms given special attention.

Bath oil and fragrant soap in pretty colors add to the pleasure of the daily tub and afterward, if you want an extra-refreshing touch, a splash of cologne will do the trick for you.

Prepare your bedtime face in the bathroom. It takes just five minutes to clean makeup off at night, even including the throat. Which is as good a place as any to repeat . . . never wear your makeup in bed if you want a good complexion.

For a prettier look cleanse face and neck thoroughly with cream, lotion, or ordinary soap and water. Remember that all the cream a clean skin can take is absorbed in about 15 minutes and anything left on after that just sits there doing nothing.

However, it is a good idea to leave a tiny bit of cream on the skin until you have finished bathing, then tissue it off afterwards.

Bathe your eyes regularly each night. It only takes a second to remove the day’s quota of dust and tension. Each eye should have its own allowance of lotion. This is the moment for eyelash cream, too. Apply it with a fingertip or with a small camel-hair brush. After putting on the cream, use an eyelash curler if you want your eyes to have that “starry” look even without benefit of mascara.

Brush your teeth for three minutes by the clock. Try doing this for one week and see just how little you have been brushing up till now, and what a difference the extra minute or two makes. If you go in for mouth lotion, bedtime is the best time to use it.

Arrange your hair to suit your habits and your schedule. If it must be set on rollers or pinned up, make a thorough job of it and wear the prettiest cover-up you can find, perhaps a bit of colored tulle or a scarf, or just for the fun of it, a night-cap.

And as the last leisurely let-down into eight hours’ sleep, the beauty treatment that beats the lot, why not do your nails? This is probably the only time in the whole 24 hours you can ever allow three coats of nail varnish to get absolutely dry.